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"Tara K. Harper is,
far and above, one
 of the most inventive
and imaginative writers
of Science Fantasy."

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Updates and Additions:

Sample self-edited page

Blog -- updated!
Writer's Workshop:  A Typical Self-Edit  -- NEW!
Writer's Workshop:  Taxes and Finances for Writers -- updated!
Ebola -- Science Notes for Writers  -- updated!
Links - Forensic, pathology, anthrax links  -- updated!
Links - Science, energy, other links  -- updated!


This site was last updated:  November 16, 2005

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Email from readers should be directed to Tara K. Harper.


If you are doing a School Project, read this first.


I answer email as often as possible, but it may take me some time, possibly even months to reply, depending on how well the writing is going (and so, on how much email stacks up and how much I then have to wade through).  If you catch me on a day when I'm doing the wading, I might answer right away.  I do try to answer all email, but I cannot answer email that does not have a valid reply address, or which is filtered out because of viruses, invisible text, attachments, or other problems.

If you are writing to request an autographed bookplate, send your request and SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope with appropriate postage) to:
Tara K. Harper
PO Box 23-0107
Tigard, OR  97281-0107.


Because of the volume of email received, I cannot answer individual email/queries about getting published, getting an agent, etc., or virology topics.  Such topics are already discussed in the FAQ, Writer's Workshop, Science Notes, and Author's Notes areas of the site.  This site also provides links to other relevant writer's resources about queries, agents, publishers, contracts, and so on, in the links files.

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If anyone really cares about counters, this site receives an average of 50,000 page views a month, and has received well over 10 million individual visitors over the past several years.

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