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  Wolf's Bane
      By Tara K. Harper

            1997, Del Rey/Ballantine; ISBN:  345-40634-6
                Cover art by Eric Peterson

        Nominated for the 1998 Oregon Book Awards
                     --  Also available in German

Once, long ago, humans traveled the stars and walked on different moons.  They flew through unearthly skies like eagles with silver wings.  But on Asengar, the silver wings no longer rose. Eight centuries after the aliens brought Plague, humans lived by hiding their science, and engineered wolves ran wild on the world.

Dion, the wolfwalker--the Gray Wolf of Randonnen--was telepathically bonded to the Gray Ones.  Thirteen years ago, she herself had seen the plague-death which the aliens had brought, not just to humans, but to the wolves.  She had made a promise then--a promise to the wolves to heal them, in exchange for the lives of her family and friends.  But time had held her, caught in the battles of men and the violence of her own world, instead of helping her find the cure which she sought.

Now, as fate ripped from her almost everything she held dear, she found only one reason to live:  the Call of the wolves to help them.  Driven by the Gray Ones, she would seek out and confront the alien birdmen--even if they would destroy her.  In eight hundred years, no human had survived that contact, but Dion could not avoid it.  Only by facing the aliens could she save herself...and the future of the wolves.

From Reviewers:

Nominated for the 1998 Oregon Book Awards

"...A power that literally leaves me breathless.  ...Before I knew it, I was getting into a story that literally
made me choke back tears and feel that my heart was being torn apart. ...(Tara K. Harper) is far and above
one of the most inventive and imaginative writers of Science Fantasy."
             - Explorations

"This is not an escapist's novel.  It is a deceptively complex story, based on a very simple plot line,
with hidden symbolism, written in a unique style, not unlike a musical composition...
I strongly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of tragedy."
                            - C. R. Meddian, SF Reviews

Full-text review  of  Wolf's Bane, author's note, interview excerpt...
Author's Note
 about Aranur's fall from the seawall

Order of the Wolfwalker Books

Wolfwalker is the first book of the Wolfwalker novels.  Shadow Leader is a sequel to Wolfwalker.  Storm Runner, the third Wolfwalker novel, occurs a year after the events in Wolfwalker and Shadow Leader.  Wolf's Bane and Silver Moons, Black Steel are a pair, and occur about 13 years after the events described in Storm Runner.

The latest Wolfwalker novel, Wolf in Night, is the beginning of a new Wolfwalker series about Dion's daughter, Noriana, and her partner wolf, Grey Rishte.  This series begins 37 years after Wolfwalker (or 23 years after Wolf's Bane).

Grayheart is a stand-alone book, which occurs about 20 years after Wolf in Night, or, almost 60 years after Wolfwalker.


Grey Wolf Series
(Dion & Grey Hishn)


Black Wolf Series
(Nori & Grey Rishte)


Wolfwalker Novels


Wolf in Night


Shadow Leader

(Black Wolf #2)

Storm Runner

(Black Wolf #3)

Wolf's Bane

Silver Moons, Black Steel

Series Titles

I'll confess that I've never liked the way these books were named as serieses.  They were printed with "Tales of the Wolves" on the covers.  To me, Cat Scratch Fever and Cataract are the Cat Tales.  However, because the Wolfwalker novels ended up being called "Tales of the Wolves" on their covers, I have to call the Cat Tales the "CatScratch" series instead.

To me, the wolf novels are "Wolfwalker novels."  I think of the Dion & Aranur stories as the Grey Wolf series, because Dion is often called the Grey Wolf of Ramaj Randonnen.  Her daughter, Noriana, is called Black Wolf, so Nori's stories are the Black Wolf series.  Grayheart, and other individual wolfwalker books I may write in the future, are other Wolfwalker novels.

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