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Medium-size cover art

  Der Puma
        By Tara K. Harper

    German edition available now!

             1995, Del Rey/Ballantine
                ISBN: 0-345-38052-5

              Cover art by Rowena

On Risthmus, the Landing Pact was law; felines were off limits, and the guides who were linked telepathically to other lifeforms shunned the feline lairs.  But sometimes, as with Tsia, a guide was accidentally linked to the felines. Such a guide could ignore the constant pull of her link, but inevitably, she would eventually go to the felines, or call a cat to herself.  When that happened, the guide was stripped of her link--blinded mentally to the energies of her own world.

For ten years, Tsia, the rogue guide, had tried to honor the Landing Pact and ignore the irresistible pull of her forbidden link to the cats.  For ten years, she had hidden among the mercenaries.  But now, the rising winds of a monster storm heralded a second growing danger.  Tsia could save the mercenaries' urgent mission--if she deliberately broke the Landing Pact to enter the mind of a wild cougar.  But if she was found out, her punishment would be the loss of her biogate, her telepathic link, not just with the felines, but with her entire world.

Her past was about to catch up with her, and only if she faced it--and used it--could she hope to forge a new future...with the cats!

[ Cataract is book two of the CatScratch novels  It is a stand-alone book which occurs ten years after the events in Cat Scratch Fever. ]

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Review Quotes:

Recommended for a Nebula Award

"...detail abounds and the telepathy theme is marvelous."


"...the book never lets up.  ...Solid characters on a solid stage:  this book will stand up to re-reading."

                              - SF Guide, ScifiBooks, the Mining Company

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