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Copyright 2004 Tara K. Harper.  All rights reserved.

Tara K. Harper:
The Story Behind the Story
OR, How and Why I Got My First Literary Agent

6.  24 Hours, or, The Year My Book Was Stolen

People often ask why it takes so long to edit a book.  Many seem to think there is only one edit cycle; that a book goes in, gets edited, and goes right on to production.

In reality, there are several edit cycles:  initial edit (or read) of the manuscript as it is turned in, the edit of the corrected manuscript (after you've made the requested changes)--this is the story edit; the copy or line edit; and the galley check.

The amount of time it takes to get through each edit cycle depends on how clean the manuscript is to begin with.  The amount of time the author has to check each edit depends on the production schedule.

For example, I once had 24 hours to review the galleys, but I have to admit it was because someone stole the manuscript out of my mail.  The only reason I was able to review the galleys at all was that this man read the story, then was idiot enough to call my publisher (on the last day of the publishing schedule) and tell her how much he liked it.  When asked, he actually admitted to stealing the manuscript.  That alerted them to the fact that I'd never received the galleys.  They called me, overnighted another copy of the galleys, and I had 24 hours to go over them before they had to be overnighted back.

Copyright 2004 Tara K. Harper

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